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       Amravati district's north-western compact block of forest nearly 3,075 square kilometers is known as "Melghat" in Maharashtra, India. Melghat is famous for its "Tiger Reserve Project" and have a unique ecological niche. The Melghat region is entirely different from the rest of the districts from climatology, agronomical and floristic point of view. The "Flora of Melghat Tiger Reserve" reported total 650 plant (90 Trees, 66 Shrub, 316 Herb, 56 Climbers, 23 Sedge and 99 Grasses) naturalized species(Dhore MA and Joshi PA, 1988). Among them 200 species was found to have medicinal value. Many forest officers, botanists, taxonomist and researchers explored Melghat region many times and contributed for flora of Melghat. Recently "Checklist of Flora of Melghat: 2018-19" enlists 117 families, 547 genera and 1008 species, more than 550 species were reported for ethnobotanical and pharmacological values(Bhogaonkar, PY and Dhole, 2018).

       Melghat's Plant Data Bank (MPDB)
is curated data from Published Reports / Bulatins / Books / Article / Reviews etc. While searching and mining each plant records we recorded the Melghat's Flora's Serial No., Name of Plant, Synonym, Plant Category, Plant Common Name, Plant Family, Description, Plant Location (in Melghat), Plant's Current Status, Classification, Medicinal Use / Activity, Plant's Active Compounds, Images and References.

TOTAL NUMBER OF PLANT RECORDS IN MPDB : 1032 (~131 Plant Families!)

AQUATIC : 4     BAMBOO : 2     CLIMBERS : 74     GRASSES : 154     HERBS : 497     ORCHIDS : 25     SHRUBS : 136     TREES : 140

       While individually searching, mining literature for each medicinal plant record especially Medicinal Use / Activity category we consider different medicinal books, published reviews, articles and online available medicinal plant databases. Further all medicinal plants categorized into diseases / properties wise verses plant categories accordingly.


AQUATIC : 3     BAMBOO : 2     CLIMBERS : 61     GRASSES : 18      HERBS : 302     ORCHIDS : 13     SHRUBS : 122     TREES : 140

       Melghat's Plant Data Bank (MPDB) also contains the possible Ethnomedical, Phytochemical and Active Compound Library (structure, properties, cancer cell lines studies (IC50, ED50, EC50, GI50), anti-cancer molecular target studies and drug likeness of compounds).

Disclaimer : This databank is curated from literature and may not claim for any medications or directly use of plants without any prior knowledge or consultation of physician.