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   MH009 : Hybanthus enneaspermus (L.) F. Muell.

Plant Category : Herbs

Melghat's Flora's Serial No. : 15

Synonym : Ionidium suffruticosum (L.) R. & S.;

Plant Common Name : Spade flower, Pink ladies slipper, Sthalakamala, Ratan purush, Rathanparas

Plant Family : Violaceae

Description : Hybanthus enneaspermus is a small suffrutescent perennial herb, 15-30cm in height, with many diffuse or ascending branches, glaborous or more or less pubescent. The leaves are linear or lanceolate with 4.5cm and 3-8mm length and width respectively, margins are either sub sessile, entire or serrate, the stipules gland is tipped subtule. Flowers are pink to dark pink, axillary, solitary with pedicles shorter than the leaves, 6-12mm long erect, slender, bracts small above the middle of the pedicel. Sepals are 2.5mm long, lanceolate, very acute, keeled. Petals appear unequal the two upper ones are oblong, slightly longer than the sepals the 2 lateral longer, falcate the lowest much larger than the other, having an orbicular or obovate limb with a long claw which is curved behind into a short spur. Capsules about 6mm diameter subglobose. Seeds are ovoid, acute, longitudinally striate, yellowish white about 1.5mm long. The leaves are seen as tender stalks. They are demulcents and are used in decoction and as an electuary. They are employed in conjunction with some mild oil in preparing a cooling liniment for the head.

Plant Location in Melghat : In open grassland

Medicinal Use / Activity : Treating Diarrhea, Urinary infections, Leucorrhoea, Dysuria, Inflammation, Cholera and Sterility, aphrodisiac, demulcent, tonic, diuretic, anti-convulsant and anti-malarial and used to treat urinary infections, Diarrhea, Leucorrhoea, dysuria, inflammation and male sterility

Plant's Phytochemicals : COMPOUNDS: aurantiamide acetate; beta-sitosterol; isoarborinol;



Plant's Current Status : -

Plant's Cross Database Reference : 259142

Reference : Patel DK./Asian Pac J Trop Biomed 2011; 1(4): 316 322 - enneaspermus.php -

Reference : ~ Chellaiah Muthu, Muniappan Ayyanar, Nagappan Raja and Savarimuthu Ignacimuthu; "Medicinal plants used by traditional healers in Kancheepuram District of Tamil Nadu, India"; Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine (2006); 2(43): 1-10 PMID :

~ J. Lenin Bapuji and S. Venkat Ratnam; "Traditional Uses of Some Medicinal Plants by tribals of Gangaraju Madugula Mandal of Visakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh"; Ethnobotanical Leaflets (2009); 13: 388-98 PMID :

Kingdom : Plantae - Plants
Phylum : Tracheophyta
Subkingdom : Tracheobionta - Vascular plants
Superdivision : Spermatophyta - Seed plants
Division : Magnoliophyta - Flowering plants
Class : Equisetopsida
Subclass :
Order : Malpighiales
Family : Violaceae
Genus : Hybanthus
Species : Hybanthus enneaspermus

Hybanthus enneaspermus