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   MO005 : Habenaria roxburghii Nicolson

Plant Category : Orchid

Melghat's Flora's Serial No. : 493

Synonym : Gymnadenia plantaginea (Roxb.) Lindl. ex Wall.; Habenaria platyphylla Spreng. [Illegitimate]; Orchis plantaginea Roxb.; Orchis platyphyllos Willd. [Illegitimate]; Orchis roxburghii Pers. [Illegitimate]; Orchis tenuis Rottler ex Wall. [Invalid];

Plant Common Name : Roxburgh's Habenaria, malle leena gadda, chekku dumpa • Telugu: Chukka dumpa

Plant Family : Orchidaceae

Description : Herbs; tubers one or two. Leaves 2 or 3, at the base, to 7 x 5 cm, orbicular, acute at apex, base sheathing. Racemes densely flowered, to 8 cm, flowers white; bracts 2 cm, lanceolate; sepals 8 mm, broadly ovate, lip 3-lobed, side lobes smaller, later lobes 8 mm, oblong; spur 4 cm, oblong, clavate at apex. Roxburgh's Habenaria is an erect tuberous ground orchid, up to 30 cm tall. Leaves are circular, lying flat on the ground. Flowers are white, borne in elongated racemes. Roxburgh's Habenaria is commonly found in the undergrowth of forest in shady localities in the Eastern Ghats. Flowering: July–August.

Plant Location in Melghat : At high elevations in Chikhaldara and Dhakna ranges

Medicinal Use / Activity : Tubers with garlic and pepper used to cure snake bite. Tuber extract mixed with sugar (Saccharum officinarum) and taken orally for cooling effect by lambidis.

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Plant's Current Status : -

Plant's Cross Database Reference : 259142

Reference : Dhore M. A. (1984) The flora of melghat tiger reserve - - - - -

Reference : ~ Dhore MA and Joshi PA; "Flora of Melghat Tiger Reserve"; Directorate, Project Tiger, Melghat (1988); PMID :

Kingdom : Plantae - Plants
Phylum : Tracheophyta
Subkingdom : Tracheobionta - Vascular plants
Superdivision : Spermatophyta - Seed plants
Division : Magnoliophyta - Flowering plants
Class : Liliopsida - Monocotyledons
Subclass :
Order : Asparagales
Family : Orchidaceae - Orchid family
Genus : Habenaria
Species : Habenaria roxburghii Nicolson

Habenaria roxburghii Nicolson
Habenaria roxburghii Nicolson
Habenaria roxburghii Nicolson
Habenaria roxburghii Nicolson