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   MT005 : Casearia graveolens Dalzell

Plant Category : Tree

Melghat's Flora's Serial No. : 18

Synonym : Casearia graveolens var. lintsangensis S.Y. Bao; Casearia hamiltonii Wall.; Casearia hamiltonii Wall., nom. invalid.; Casearia macrogyna Turcz.; Samyda glabra Buch.-Ham.;

Plant Common Name : Pandhari Karai, K-Rivit, Chilla Hindi: Safed-Karai, Chilla, Phempri Marathi: Bhokoda, Mori, Pimpari Malayalam: Anavananni, Anavinga, Cherukannan, Chirakonna Telugu: Girivudi, Vasanga, Veska, Vaasanga Kannada: Haniche, Konje, Bokara, Hanise, Killangi Oriya: Beniman, Jamurdo, Kokra Nepali: Sano dedri

Plant Family : Salicaceae

Description : Trees, 10-15 m tall; terminal buds, twig tips, and branchlets glabrous. Stipules narrowly lanceolate, 5-10 mm, papery, glabrous, early caducous, on young growth leaving a large conspicuous pale brown scar; petiole 1-1.2 cm, glabrous; leaf blade broadly elliptic to elliptic-oblong, 6-15 4-8 cm, papery, abaxially glabrous or glabrescent, adaxially glabrous, densely set with irregularly shaped, reddish brown pellucid dots and streaks, in dried material these clearly visible at 10 mag. without holding leaf up to light, lateral veins 10-14 pairs, arching upward, base rounded or broadly obtuse, margin shallowly serrate, crenate, very rarely repand, apex variable, broadly acute, obtuse or rounded, often contacting gradually or abruptly to a short acumen to ca. 1 cm. Flowers in few- to many flowered axillary glomerules, greenish, fetid. Pedicels 3-6 mm, articulate near base, pubescent with short semispreading hairs, more densely so below articulation; bracts ovate, ca. 2 mm, outermost bracts densely appressed hairy, striate. Sepals 5, ovate to ovate-oblong, ca. 4 mm, outside pubescent, more densely so toward base, or glabrescent, hairs semispreading and short, inside sparsely hairy, margin practically glabrous, not ciliate. Stamens 8; filaments sparsely pubescent, ca. 1.5 mm; anthers oblong, ca. 0.5 mm, connective glabrous. Disk lobes oblong, ca. 1/2 as long as stamen filaments, pubescent throughout, hairs white when dry, long. Ovary ovoid, ca. 1.5 mm, pubescent in upper half, hairs spreading; style short, hairy in lower part, stigma capitate. Capsule orange-yellow when ripe, dark reddish or blackish brown and strongly longitudinally ribbed when dried, ellipsoid-oblong, ca. 2 cm, fleshy, pericarp densely and shallowly warty, veined, cross-section and inner surface without shiny black vesicles, valves narrowly naviculate in dried state. Seeds several, when dry pale yellowish brown, ovoid, ca. 4 mm, surface smooth, enclosed in a thin, fleshy, partly fimbriate pale yellowish brown aril. Fl. Mar-Apr, fr. Sep-Nov.

Plant Location in Melghat : Especially from Chikhaldara ,Dhakna and Semadoh ranges

Medicinal Use / Activity : used for Diarrhea, burns, wounds, rashes chest colds and fever.

Plant's Phytochemicals : COMPOUNDS: Graveopenes A; Graveopenes B; Graveopenes C; Graveopenes D; Graveopenes E; Graveopenes F; Graveopenes G; Graveopenes H; Graveopenes I; Graveopenes J; Casegravol; Micromelin; Scopoletin; Bergapren; Beta-sitosterol; Chlorohydrins; Bromohydrin;



Plant's Current Status :

Plant's Cross Database Reference : 259142

Reference : Dhore M. A. (1984) The flora of melghat tiger reserve - - - -

Reference : ~ Dhore MA and Joshi PA; "Flora of Melghat Tiger Reserve"; Directorate, Project Tiger, Melghat (1988); PMID :

~ Omesh Bajpai, Jitendra Pandey and Lal Babu Chaudhary; "Ethnomedicinal Uses of Tree Species by Tharu Tribes in the Himalayan Terai Region of India"; Research Journal of Medicinal Plant (2016); 10(1): 19-41 PMID :

Kingdom : Plantae - Plants
Phylum : Tracheophyta
Subkingdom : Tracheobionta - Vascular plants
Superdivision : Spermatophyta - Seed plants
Division : Magnoliophyta - Flowering plants
Class : Magnoliopsida - Dicotyledons
Subclass : Magnoliatae
Order : Malpighiales
Family : Salicaceae (Willow family)
Genus : Casearia
Species : Casearia graveolens Dalzell

Casearia graveolens Dalzell
Casearia graveolens Dalzell
Casearia graveolens Dalzell