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   MT008 : Thespesia populnea (L.) Sol. ex Corrêa

Plant Category : Tree

Melghat's Flora's Serial No. : 42

Synonym : Abelmoschus acuminatus (Alef.) Müll.Berol; Azanza acuminata Alef.; Bupariti populnea (L.) Rothm.; Hibiscus bacciferus Blume; Hibiscus blumei Kuntze; Hibiscus populifolius Salisb.; Hibiscus populneoides Roxb.; Hibiscus populneus L.; Malvaviscus populneus (L.) Gaertn.; Parita populnea (L.) Scop.; Thespesia howii S.Y. Hu; Thespesia macrophylla Blume(=)Thespesia populneoides (Roxb.) Kostel.;

Plant Common Name : Paras Pipal, milo, milo tree, Indian tulip tree, Bendy tree, Seaside Mahoe, Portia tree, Gajadanda Indian tulip tree, Aden apple, Portia tree • Hindi: Paras pipal • Malayalam: Puvarasu • Bengali: Palaspipal • Tamil: Puvarasu

Plant Family : Malvaceae

Description : Trees, to 15 m high, bark dark brown; blaze yellowish-pink; branchlets densely covered with minute scales, glabrescent. Leaves simple, alternate, stipulate; stipules 4-10 mm long, free, lateral, linear to lanceolate, cauducous; petiole 5-10 cm, slender, swollen tipped, scaly; lamina 5-12.7 x 5.5-15 cm, orbicular or ovate, base cordate or truncate, apex acute or acuminate, margin entire or dentate, coriaceous, with peltate scales above, glabrescent or stellate-tomentose beneath; 5-7 nerved from the base, palmate, prominent, lateral nerves 4-5 pairs, pinnate, prominent, intercostae subscalariform, prominent, often a glandular pore in one or more of the intercostal spaces beneath. Flowers bisexual, yellow, showy, solitary or in cymes, axillary or terminal; pedicels 20-50 mm long, jointed near the base, glabrescent; involucellar bracts 3-5 or 0, 5-15 x 2-3 mm, oblong-lanceolate, acute, subcoriaceous, densely scaly, cauducous; calyx cupular, minutely 5 toothed or 5-parted, accrescent and flattened in fruit, scaly outside, densely serious inside; corolla light yellow with dark purple centre, fading to purplish-pink, broadly campanulate; petals 5, 5-7.5 x 4-6 cm, obliquely obovate, narrowed and fleshy at base, rounded at apex, densely scaly outside, glabrous inside, ciliate at base, twisted; staminal tube 15-25 mm long, 5-toothed at apex; filaments ascending; anthers reniform; ovary superior, globose to ovoid, 5-celled, ovules 2-3 in each cell; style ca. 3 cm long; stigma club shaped, 5-furrowed. Fruit a capsule, globose, indehiscent, depressed, scaly, ultimately glabrescent; seeds many, ovoid, channelled along the back, pubescent.

Plant Location in Melghat : -

Medicinal Use / Activity : Anti-cancer, Anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, Wound healing activity, Antioxidant activity, anti-implantat ion activity, Alzheimer’s disease, Antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-pyretic properties, Antioxidant , anti-diabetic activity, Anti-Psoriatic, Synergistic activity, Antibacterial Activity, anti-ulcer activity, Immunomodulatory Activity, alpha-Amylase Inhibitory,

Plant's Phytochemicals : COMPOUNDS: Mansonone E, (+)-gossypol (isolated from dichloromethane extracts of the wood and dark heartwood) Populene D (CID: 24970698), Populene C (CID: 24970696); Fruits: Thespesin; Herbacetin;(+)-gossypol ; calycopterin; Seeds: palmitic acid; stearic acid; oleic acid; linoleic acids; Quercetin-7-O-rhamno-glucoside; Mansonone H; Populene A; Catacerebroside B; Beta-sitosterol; Beta-daucosterol; Palmitic acid; Kaempferol; Quercetin; populneol; populnin; populnetin; rutin; gossipetin; gossypol; Lupeol; sesquiterpenoidal quinones viz ; thespeson; thespone; Mansonones C; Mansonones D; Mansonones E; Mansonones F;








Palmitic acid;

Plant's Current Status : -

Plant's Cross Database Reference : 259142

Reference : Dhore M. A. (1984) The flora of melghat tiger reserve - - -

Reference : ~ Dhore MA and Joshi PA; "Flora of Melghat Tiger Reserve"; Directorate, Project Tiger, Melghat (1988); PMID :

~ Omesh Bajpai, Jitendra Pandey and Lal Babu Chaudhary; "Ethnomedicinal Uses of Tree Species by Tharu Tribes in the Himalayan Terai Region of India"; Research Journal of Medicinal Plant (2016); 10(1): 19-41 PMID :

~ S.D. Jagtap, S.S. Deokule and S.V. Bhosle; "Some unique ethnomedicinal uses of plants used by the Korku tribe of Amravati district of Maharashtra, India"; Journal of Ethnopharmacology (2006); 107: 463-469 PMID :

Kingdom : Plantae - Plants
Phylum : Tracheophyta
Subkingdom : Tracheobionta - Vascular plants
Superdivision : Spermatophyta - Seed plants
Division : Magnoliophyta - Flowering plants
Class : Magnoliopsida - Dicotyledons
Subclass : Dilleniidae
Order : Malvales
Family : Malvaceae - Mallow family
Genus : Thespesia Sol. ex CorrÃÂȘa - thespesia
Species : Thespesia populnea (L.) Sol. ex CorrÃÂȘa

Thespesia populnea (L.) Sol. ex CorrÃÂȘa
Thespesia populnea (L.) Sol. ex CorrÃÂȘa
Thespesia populnea (L.) Sol. ex CorrÃÂȘa
Thespesia populnea (L.) Sol. ex CorrÃÂȘa
Thespesia populnea (L.) Sol. ex CorrÃÂȘa
Thespesia populnea (L.) Sol. ex CorrÃÂȘa
Thespesia populnea (L.) Sol. ex CorrÃÂȘa